For the first post of the new blog, I thought I’d lead out with something truly exciting — html editors! But seriously, I’m really looking forward to the release of TopStyle 5 later this year.

Back in the day, I used Nick Bradbury’s HomeSite, till it was acquired by Macromedia, then Adobe. Then I switched to Bradbury’s follow-up editor, TopStyle*, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Why TopStyle? It’s really good at what it does (edit html/css), and it doesn’t try to be what it isn’t.

It’s highly customizable — you can customize the layout (including split-screen: quite handy when comparing two documents), keyboard shortcuts, code highlighting, etc.

It’s helpful: if you forget the options for list-style-type, just hit CTRL+space and up pops an option menu. Want to quickly see the CSS rules for class=”footer”, CTRL+click “footer” in your html document and jump directly to the “footer” rule in your CSS document. An incredible time-saver.

And it’s reasonably priced @ $79.95 and reasonably sized at 15MB. Compare that to Adobe Dreamweaver 5.5 @ $399 and a whopping 1GB.

Over the years, I’ve sampled other html/css editors, but I always come back to TopStyle.

* The current TopStyle developer (since 2008) is Stefan van As.

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