The (Web) Appification Process


It looks like Windows 8 is going to have a built-in app store (via Windows 8 News):

Windows 8 app store

And Firefox, for all intents and purposes, is going to might eventually drop its version number. You’ll just be up-to-date or not up-to-date:

We’re removing the Firefox version number from all of the common user-visible locations because we don’t believe that users need to know what version they’re on. We’re moving to a model that’s more like the Web. What version of Gmail are you on?

Asa Dotzler, Firefox product lead

Interesting times.


  1. Very interesting about Firefox. I guess Chrome is already doing this really: I have no idea what version of Chrome I have.

    I thought it was bizarre they release FF 5 and FF 6 so close… they obviously thought the same!

  2. I think it’s kind of a natural step for software on a rapid-release cycle (ex: Firefox, Chrome). I forget exactly which versions I’m using as well, and two months from now, I’ll be on a new version anyway.

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