Responsive Web Design


responsive web designI just finished Ethan Marcotte’s (e)book, Responsive Web Design. I picked it up because a) responsive web design is cool, and b) I needed to rapidly get up to speed for a job (i.e., contract gig) interview.

I don’t usually read web design books because a) they’re boring, b) they’re outdated within six months, and c) the info’s on the web anyway, but Responsive Web Design was new enough to still be relevant, was actually not boring, and I didn’t have to hunt and peck around the web, searching for good, comprehensive info on the subject.

Responsive web design may not be the right design modality/philosophy for all sites, but I think it works really well for many/most sites. And I think the idea of mobile-first + progressive enhancement is the way to go.

P.S. You may have noticed that I chose a responsive design for the blog: Yoko by Elmastudio.

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